The Holding has seven Leather Factories, Gelatin Production Facility, Protein Production Facility, Hydrolyzate Production Facility, Animal Liquid Amino Acid Production Facility, R&D Center and Test Laboratories.
Leather and Chemicals Group
  • İskefe Deri
  • Derivative
Food and Agriculture Group
  • Halavet Gıda
  • Naturagen
  • Leta Life
Laboratory Group
  • KCL R&D Center and Test Laboratories
  • Koach Professional Certification and Industrial Laboratory Services
İskefe Holding
“Ecosystemic Solutions”
İskefe Holding started its activities in the leather sector as Alkoç Deri in 1957 and adopted innovation-oriented work in 2002. It has focused on the production of collagen derivatives by approaching its leather and by-products within the framework of an ecosystem. With this approach, it has become not only the leader in leather sector but also pioneered the production of collagen derivatives in Turkey.
Foundations of Alkoç Deri were laid in 1957 and has become one of the largest and most successful group of the not only Turkey but also Eurasian continent by staying always one step ahead of change during its more than 63 years of journey. Prioritizing conformity with international standards and continuous development in all its activities, İskefe Holding is a global company that progresses step by step towards its goal of achieving its domestic success also in the world. There are seven Leather Factories, Gelatin Production Factories, Protein Production Factories, Hydrolyzate Production Factories, Animal Liquid Amino Acid Production Factories and R&D Centers within İskefe Holding.
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We work passionately to produce solutions that will improve the quality of life of human beings. We prioritize to protect the world and future generations in all our works. If you want to take a part of İskefe Holding, check out our career opportunities immediately.
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