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İskefe Deri

The headquarters and main production facility of İskefe Deri, which has 7 different production facilities with a production capacity of 465 thousand square meters for all kinds of leather production, including finished leather, is located in Istanbul; and it continues it activities with its production facilities in Bursa, Gerede and Niğde and its young and dynamic staff who are environmentally conscious and always aim for higher quality.

İskefe Deri, the starting point of fashion, provides many leading brands with leather in a wide range of colors and different thicknesses, allowing them to design new and useful products.

The main production is on upper shoe leather. Our company, which specializes in the production of leather used in the production of shoes and bags, also produces leather for military shoes and work shoes, and also stands out with its high capacity and quality in suede production.

İskefe Deri focuses on producing the most durable and high performance leather for related industries. For this purpose, it works more and more every day to improve its performance, improve its quality and meet the expectations of its customers.

Unchanging Leather Clasiscs

İskefe Deri is the main supplier of many global brands that shape design. It continues its works without cease to maintain the highest quality in leather production and to increase it day by day. It prioritizes customer satisfaction and expectations considering environmental awareness.


İskefe Deri has received numerous system and product certificates thanks to its ethical and conscious corporate choices that protect the environment, its corporate structure that supports high standards and its professional employees.

LWG Gold Certificate is one of the most important of these certificates.


Derivative Leather and Chemicals is established in 2019 with the aim of producing innovative products with high added value for domestic and foreign customers and selling these products; and its priority is to support the companies within of İskefe Holding at the raw material supply stage and technical issues.

Derivative aims to offer products and services that are internationally recognized and make a difference; it has adopted the principle of prioritizing innovations in the sector, customer satisfaction, reliability and loyalty.

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