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Food and Agriculture Group


It is an innovative company that develops products to increase its competitiveness in the world markets, especially in the food sector, with high value added products such as edible food gelatin and collagen hydrolyzate, and aims to integrate the sector with other sectors.

Adopting the full conformity with the principles of food safety as a quality policy at all stages of its production and aiming to use traceable raw materials in its production, Halavet Gıda makes environmentally friendly production by using all the opportunities offered by modern technology along with its expert and dynamic staff.


It is the company that produces, sells and markets the collagen hydrolyzate produced within İskefe Holding for end user consumption as a food supplement for domestic and international markets. Producing collagen hydrolyzate requirement of consumers in the form of powder and liquid food supplements in the domestic and foreign markets; serving with the mission of availability and accessibility in pharmacy, chain stores and online sales channels, Naturagen will soon become the market leader in the food supplement products market.

Naturagen will start to present its products to all local and international markets with justified pride due to the production of the raw material of collagen hydrolyzate by the Group and due to the fact that these raw materials are recognized in international brands in the global markets.

Naturagen's most important values are the fact that the collagen hydrolyzate food supplement products that consumers need are offered with high quality, reliable and traceable raw material content at reasonable prices.

Leta Life

Leta Science A.Ş. under İskef Holding companies is established in 2011 to produce organic fertilizer that  include amino acids and proteins of animal origin, first of its kind in Turkey. It produces natural animal protein to be used as an ingredient of fish, poultry feed and pet food in its facilities. Our company, which ensure value-added products in different sectors with its innovative projects, contributes to the protection of nature by recycling the by-products of the leather industry with environmentalist technologies.

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