Our Human Resources Policy

We strive to provide a reliable work environment where employees can work happily and peacefully.

The ultimate aim of our Human Resources policy is to gather our employees around a common goal and ensure a work environment for them which enables them to reveal their potential; and supports fairness, development, participation, high performance and new ideas.

We aim to develop environment friendly production ecosystems that are beneficial to humanity by meeting the technology needs of the future in our sectors with our R&D teams. For this, we see ourselves and our employees at the center of continuous development, and plan to build the future with what we have learned from the past, embracing change with courage.

We see our employees, who contributed to us to become what we are now, as an indispensable part of us. We blend their motivation and experience with the past experiences of professionals who will join us. With the synergy created, we develop our employee profile, who adheres to the holding principles and values, is directed towards common goals, uses resources effectively and efficiently, believes in teamwork and team spirit.

We see it as an important part of our human resources policy to create an effective performance evaluation system within the organization, to provide the trainings that our employees will need, to reward them when they achieve superior success or demonstrate exemplary attitude and behavior, and to contribute to their development by drawing their career maps together.

Principles of Our Human Resources Policy

Human First

To gather our employees around a common goal within the framework of our values and principles, and to provide the opportunity to reveal their potential,

To provide a working environment which supports fairness, development, participation, high performance and new ideas and make them feel valuable.

To make human resources planning and to bring qualified workforce to İskefe Holding in order to perform the works effectively and efficiently,

For open positions, to focus primarily on our employees who are our internal values,

To ensure perfect employee and job description matches at all levels,

To design, implement and evaluate all training programs from the bottom to the top position by placing training at the center of development,

To follow the innovations and to ensure these are adapted to the companies, and to improve the innovation process with Human Resources practices,

To keep the organizational structure that can adapt to change and development permanent,

To design, install, develop and ensure the operability of an infrastructure system that continuously learns,

To take problem solving skills to the highest levels with analytical approaches,

To increase the knowledge, skills, relations and competencies of the employees with institutions and individuals,

To collaborate with Universities, Vocational Schools, Institutions and NGOs,

To adopt social responsibility concepts and projects in all practices, to participate and promote,

To further strengthen our employee profile, which has adopted the understanding of environmentally friendly and environmentally friendly work.

Our Occupational Health and Safety Policy

Safety First

We aim to continuously improve our performance by implementing occupational health and safety practices in accordance with relevant legislation and standards.

We analyze the possible risks in advance and show proactive approaches to prevent these risks while carrying out all our activities. We see the occupational health and safety culture as part of our lives.

We aim to achieve standardization and perfection in occupational health and safety practices with the sharing of knowledge and experience within Alkoç Holding; and to spread it among our employees and all our stakeholders. For this purpose, we evaluate the opportunities for creating synergy and difference in our Holding companies.

Regarding Occupational Health and Safety, we provide trainings to all our employees during their recruitment and for the duration of the employment. We aim for all our companies to lead with their performances by developing exemplary approaches in their sector and global occupational health and safety practices.

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