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Laboratory Group

KCL R&D Center and
Test Laboratories

KCL was established in 2007 to provide R&D and testing services. Our company, registered as Turkey's first and unique leather R&D Center in 2013, performs its activities so that  leather and its by products can be transformed into value-added products and can be used in many fields such as food, health, chemistry, energy etc.

Our R&D center delivers projects based on 10 years of knowledge in related fields, especially the development of advanced recycling methods from leather, leather by-products and wastes, and collagen-based technologies, and ensures the commercialization of manufactured products in domestic and international markets.

Our center also offers testing services to over 1000 international and local organizations worldwide in fields such as textiles, leather, shoes, and accessories.

Koach Test and
Certification Services

With the investments made based on the needs of our country since its establishment in 2018, Koach focuses on growth through testing and analysis services offered to public institutions and private sector in many fields such as toys, stationery, leather, textile, shoes, and accessories. Koach also plans new investments in the fields of electrical appliances and professional qualification certification.

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